AS350B2 ROTAK Helicopters

airbus as350

AS350 B2 Helicopters have always been a standard for transportation to remote sites and utility work, ROTAK Helicopter Services currently operates one of these versatile machines in its fleet. Equipped with a wide range of mission support products such as utility baskets, emergency floatation landing gear, swing suspension cargo hook, bearpaws, cable cutters, cargo mirror, shortened rear seats, collective extension, large vertical reference window, enhanced engine filtration, and extended aft baggage internal cargo compartment for bulky loads. This aircraft is perfect for the job it serves. 

Max take off weight (with external load) 5,512 lb 2500 kg

Max take-off weight  4,960 lb 2249  kg

Empty standard weight 2690 lb. 1220 kg

Useful load 2270 lb. 1030 kg

Cargo hook capacity  2557 lb. 1160 kg


Turbomeca Arriel 1D1

rating 732 hp take off / 625 hp continuous


Total usable fuel 143 gal 541 liters

Avg fuel consumption 46 gal/hr. 174 l/hr.

Endurance no reserve 4 hr. 25 min 

Range without external load 360 km 

Approved fuels  Jet A,B