MD500 Series Helicopters are versatile machines for transportation to remote sites and utility work, Fast, reliable, low cost option for turbine powered transport of crews and cargo. Our MD500D is fitted with a wide range of mission support products such as utility basket, cargo hook, bearpaws, cable cutters, 250-C20R engine, single and dual rear seats, enhanced engine filtration, and a aux fuel tank. MD500D Helicopters are ideal for transmission line support missions and off airport light utility construction. 

Max take off weight (with external load) 3,000 lb 1361 kg

Max take-off weight  3,000 lb 1361 kg

Empty standard weight 1541 lb. 698 kg

Useful load 1459 lb. 662 kg

Cargo hook capacity  1200 lb. 544 kg


Rolls Royce 250-C20R/2

rating 450 SHP de-rated to 375 takeoff / 350 SHP max continuous


Total usable fuel 73.1 gal 277 liters

Avg fuel consumption 29 gal/hr. 109 l/hr.

Endurance no reserve 2 hr. 40 min 

Range without external load 350 mi 

Approved fuels  Jet A,B