robinson r22

Robinson R22 helicopters are a 2 bladed single engine light utility helicopters they are the industry leader for transportation, flight training, and sight survey work for over 30 years. Our R22 is a Mariner II with fixed float capabilities and is equipped with a cargo hook.

Max gross weight (with external load)1,370lb 622 kg

Max take-off weight  lb,  kg

Empty weight 880 lb, 339 kg

Useful load 490 lb 222 kg

Cargo hook capacity 400 lb 181 kg


Lycoming O-360J2A 

rating 131hp take off / 124hp continuous


Total usable fuel 26.3 gal 99.5 liters

Avg fuel consumption 9.5 gal/hr 35.9 l/hr

Endurance 2 hr 45 min 

Range with external load 180 km 

Range without external load 250 km 

Approved fuels  AVGAS 100LL