General Manager / Contracting

Ely Woods has been involved in aviation maintenance and management for over 18 years and has served many rolls from field mechanic to large scale maintenance facility program management. Ely’s mechanical experience includes Robinson R22, R44, Bell 206, 212, 214, and 412’s; Eurocopter AS350 B2, B3; Lama; BO-105; S-64; MD 500 D; Kaman K-1200 KMAX, CASA 212; Beechcraft 1900; King Air 200s. Ely Holds a A/P license I/A license, rotor-wing pilots license, multiple factory training certificates and FAA awards. Ely manages day to day business operations, oversees all aspects of the company’s departments, strategic marketing, sales, and manufacturing



Director of Business Relations / Contracting

Chris Maynard grew up in a commercial aviation family in Alaska and has been around aviation his entire life. Chris holds a Private Pilot’s license with SEL, SES and MEL ratings for airplane and is working towards his rotor wing add-on. Chris has an extensive history in leadership roles in Aviation, Oil & Gas and Tourism from around the globe and brings over 30 years of experience in New Business Development, Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing, Financial Analysis, Contract Management, Operational Management and Safety to ROTAK. Chris directs New Business Development Strategies while fostering partnerships with our customers.

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Director of Operations / Chief Pilot

Kevin Brashar has flown for the last 7 years throughout the state of Alaska and the Lower 48 States.  During that time Kevin has been involved in numerous remote construction jobs, remote telecom tower service, Heli-skiing operations, remote lodge support, powerline construction, and firefighting operations.  Kevin is an FAA certified Check Airmen, he is an instrument rated commercial rotor-wing pilot and a certified flight instructor.  Kevin holds ratings in the R-22, R-44, R-66, AS350FX, AS350B2, Huskey K-600, KMAX K-1200, and is factory trained in the Robinson and Kaman platforms.  Kevin serves as the company Chief Pilot and Director of operations overseeing pilot training, check rides, direct supervision and management for all flight staff and organizing pilot’s schedules. Kevin plays an integral role in the company’s safety culture, compliance, and project planning. Kevin further assists with all contracts and marketing requirements.



Director of Maintenance

David Storkel is a licensed Airframe and Powerplant mechanic with over 25 years of industry experience.  He holds an Inspection Authorization and has been consistently employed in leadership and management positions throughout his career.  David has direct technical experience with the following rotorcraft:  Robinson R22, R44, R66; Bell 206, Bell 212, and Bell 214; Eurocopter AS350B2, AS350B3, BK105, and BK117; Augusta Westland AW139, MD500 and K-1200 KMAX.  He has further experience with fixed wing aircraft such as: CASA 212, Beech 200, DC6, C46 and C47.  He has managed maintenance and inspection programs associated with these aircraft including AAIP, CAMP, MSR, MIPS and CAMPS for fleets deployed both nationally and globally.  David manages immediate and long-term maintenance planning for our company’s fleet, oversees maintenance staff and works closely with local and national regulatory agencies to insure strict compliance and safety.



Director of Safety

John “Devo” Diumenti has over 22 years and 8,000 hours of helicopter flying experience in multiple platforms.  His experience includes 10 years as an active duty pilot in the Marine Corps flying the CH-46E where he worked as a supervisor for both aviation and maintenance safety.  He flew precision longline for over a decade moving and supporting core drills in remote Alaska.  He has also flown in support of multiple seismic projects as well as four years of fire suppression as an interagency carded pilot.  John managed a camp for a remote mineral exploration project, a role that involved both ground and aviation safety processes.  In his spare time, he is an on-call firefighter for the local community.  He has been involved with safety for many years and brings a unique perspective to the role as Safety Manager from his vantage as a pilot.


Fleet Manager / Fuel Quality

Thomas brings a wide breadth of experience and knowledge to the ROTAK Team. With a background in aerospace welding and fabrication, technical maintenance, project management, and knowledge of remote operations. Thomas is responsible for the companies GSE fleet and fuel quality assurance. Thomas also conducts fabrication projects including welding, CNC water jet operations, and the operations of and many of the other support functions that ROTAK’s pilot and mechanics require to get the job done.


Finance Controller / Billing

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