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CH-47D Series Helicopters are versatile machines for large external load missions. Our CH-47D Helicopters are modified for external load use and can carry up to 26,000 LB. Twin ECU controlled T55-GA-714 engines ensure power is not a problem. Modified flight controls including a canted cyclic, extended collective and rib rest give the pilot comfort at the controls. CH-47D helicopters are the nations largest, fastest, safest helicopters in use.

Max take off weight (with external load) 50,000 lb 22,680 kg

Empty standard weight 23,700 lb. 11,750 kg

Useful load 26,300 lb. 11,930 kg

Cargo hook capacity  26,000 lb. 11,793 kg


2  T55-GA-714 

rating 10,138 combined SHP


Total usable fuel 1,028 gal 4673 liters

Avg fuel consumption 329 gal/hr. 1,245 l/hr.

Endurance no reserve 2 hr. 45 min 

Range without external load 360 NM 

Approved fuels  Jet A,B

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