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Alaska Bridge Construction near Girdwood AK

ROTAK's K-MAX was used in the construction of a bridge for locals to use  near Girdwood AK, the project was completed by Geo Contracting.


Wildfire Suppression

ROTAK operates its fleet of helicopters in support of wildfire missions across the United States Seasonally. ROTAK continues to grow its presence in wildfire suppression in other geographic regions across the globe.

kmax tower 4.jpg

Hurricane Maria Disaster Relief Puerto Rico

For 14 months ROTAK rebuilt over 100 miles of transmission line from 115 kV to 238 kV across the island. ROTAK also assisted with other disaster relief efforts throughout our term.


USCG R-21 Site Builds

ROTAK has been instrumental in the construction of the USCG R-21 sites throughout Alaska's coast lines. The R-21 sites provide emergency services communication for marine vessels operating in Alaskan waters.


Telecommunications throughout Alaska 

ROTAK was founded in support of telecommunication projects in Alaska. Our crews served Alaska's largest telecom provider exclusively for over 4 years and continue operations nationwide for these missions.


Mas-Tec Telecom project

Our K-MAX completed another unique telecom construction project this time in our back yard here in Anchorage AK.


Endurance 22 the search for Ernest Shackleton's lost ship.

ROTAK was a member of the Endurance 22 expedition that found Shackleton's lost ship in March of 2022. our K-MAX traveled from Washington to Africa and was at sea for over 1 month.

K-MAX ROTAK arrives LVCC 20200207 08o1a

HVAC Las Vegas Convention Center

ROTAK conducted the largest HVAC construction project in history by helicopter in Las Vegas for the new Convention center. A testament to the K-MAX's capability, cost effective, quiet, and simple.

on pole.jpg

Washington Pole Replacement

ROTAK replaced multiple wooden structures in an urban environment near Covington Washington when access for ground equipment was not feasible. 

supersacks and sunsets.jpg

Gravel haul for trail construction

ROTAK was hired to haul over 750,000 pounds of gravel to support a trail construction project in Juneau Alaska. Our Crews successfully

completed this project in 2 operational days and expedited the construction process for our client.


Mineral Exploration

ROTAK has been a key instrument in moving cargo into complex environments in Alaska supporting mineral exploration. We support these programs with moving drills, fuel, and various equipment.


BPA Hood River 115kV Transmission line rebuild

ROTAK was a key asset for the rebuild of BPA's 23 mile 115 kV transmission line. ROTAK supplied aerial services for two seasons of work to complete this project.

K-MAX N203RA Juneau lz HEC 20200306 322o

Tramway Bull-wheel Replacement 

ROTAK replaced the bull wheels in one of Alaska's iconic tramways to keep operations running smooth for seasonal tourism. ROTAK's team conducted HEC missions and heavy lift services to complete this project.


Pilatus PC-12 Recovery mission  Alaska

ROTAK's recovery team saved a medivac Pilatus PC-12 aircraft 70 miles west of Illiamna Alaska in some of the most unfavorable conditions. The project success led to the repair and re-service of the aircraft for future missions.


Refinery Tower Wreck out Texas

Telecom towers sometimes become obsolete, in this instance ROTAK was employed to remove a 300 ft tower from the center of a refinery near Three Rivers Texas.

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