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K-MAX helicopters are the industries best choice for repetitive precision external load operations in its weight class. A single engine, single transmission, and servo-flap controlled counter-rotating rotor system are some of the key factors in what make this unique machine capable of lifting more than its own empty weight. Cost effective, safe, reliable, and built to perform. Nothing compares to their rugged utilitarian design.

Max gross weight (with external load)12,000lb 5,443 kg

Max take-off weight 7,000 lb3,175 kg

Empty weight 5,145 lb2,334 kg

Useful load 6,855 lb3,109 kg

Cargo hook capacity 6,000 lb2,722 kg


Honeywell T53-17A1 gas turbine Thermodynamic rating1,800 shaft horsepower


Total usable fuel 219.5 gal 831 liters

Avg fuel consumption 85 gal/hr 321.7 l/hr

Endurance no reserve2 hr 41 min 

Range with external load 200NM 

Range without external load 230NM 

Approved fuels Jet A, B, JP4

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